Best Irrigation Wire Trackers & Valve Locators At The Best Prices!

The Pro700 Wire and Sprinkler Valve Wire Tracker is a new irrigation tester for irrigation contractors and sprinkler maintenance personnel. Incorporating a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver, the Pro700 tracks irrigation wires, finds missing sprinkler valves, and detects damage to vulnerable underground cabling.

The Pro700 transmits an easy to follow beeping signal that is tracked by the extra long receiver. Simply connect the transmitter to ground and the wire to be tracked and turn it on. Follow the beeps with the receiver using the visual meter, external speaker, or a headset. It is that simple.

The Pro700 incorporates many features not found on ordinary, outdated models. The Pro700 has a 27 inch receiver, avoiding the need to bend over to track wires. An external speaker is standard, but a headset is included if a user prefers. Standard “D” batteries power the transmitter, making replacement simple. An advanced electronic circuitry provides 60hz buzz rejection or cancellation, for a clearer, cleaner sound.

PRO-700 vs. Other Trackers

Let me tell you a little about myself, why I like the product, and how I decided to sell PRO-TECH WIRE TRACKERS.

I’m a 50 year old irrigation repair contractor. Just a guy with dried blue glue on his hands and dirty fingernails. I hold two Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Designer titles (residential and commercial), an IA Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and a IA Certified Irrigation Contractor title.

I’ve been installing and repairing landscape irrigation for over 30 years. From small pipe residential PVC to 12" ductile iron golf course work, I’ve" been there and done that".

In all my early field time, I had only used the Progressive 521A wire tracker to find valves and wire problems. That was the only one available! Those fat black boxes are hard to store, have a design that forces you to walk bent over, and always giving me problems with the headphone jacks.

Not knowing that an alternative existed, I was searching on-line for a new Progressive 521, when I ran across Pro-Tech. It looked like a better product, so I called up Pro-Tech Equipment. Their wire tracker was not only the first innovation on the “old black box” I had ever seen, it was LESS MONEY!

My supplier wanted $685 for the Tempo 521A valve locator. That was my wholesale cost. It sells for 900+ on the internet. The Pro-Tech was less, and had an external speaker, and a long wand, the things I’ve always wanted in a wire tracker! So, I bought a Pro-Tech 600, and a 48 Controller Kit, and a 1000 PVC Pipe Locator to test them. This stuff was of such a higher quality than I was used-to that after a month I called them again, and said, "This is the best diagnostic equipment I have ever used – I bet I can sell a lot of ‘em to my contractor buddies for you.” So he gave me a special deal. Then I got this website and I am passing our special pricing on to you!


PRO-700 Customer Feedback

If You Are Not Already Convinced,
Check Out This Expert Product Review

"We have used a progressive 501 tracker for around 5 to 6 years now in which we thought did a fairly good job tracing wires & valves.  We had just acquired another service vehicle to our fleet so we thought we should obtain another tracker for that as well.

   As we were in the process of looking to get another progressive 501(or Tracker II) we came across the "better valve locator" website. At first we were a bit hesitant as it was quite a bit less expensive than the others we had been looking to purchase. In our business we "stress" quality, just for the fact "if it’s’s cheaper for a reason”, and in most situations its not in your benefit. After watching the video testimonials we thought we would at least try the 700.

   One day prior to receiving the 700 we had a situation where we had spent roughly  2.5 hours looking for a valve that we had to service. Our 501 would trace the wires but in this case we could not locate the valve. When we received the 700 the following day we put it to the test. At first we were skeptical that it would do any better than the 501, but to our surprise within 10 to 15 minutes using the 700 we were able to locate the valve we needed to service under some heavy landscaping.

   I wish to add a "special" thank you to Craig for all his information & helpfulness... not to mention the "700" has definitely won our vote! "

Jeff Skalland (President) Sioux Falls irrigation