Ground Fault Locator. Kit includes:

  • (1) Pro3000R Receiving Box.
  • (1) Pro3000AF Receiving Frame
  • (1) ProGS Ground Stake
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (1) Operating Manual
  • (1) Pro3000T Dual Power Transmitter with rechargeable battery)

GFL 3000 - Ground Fault Locator

The GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator is a new low cost locator for contractors and maintenance personnel. Incorporating dual power output, the GFL3000 pinpoints ground faults where electrical voltage is being lost to ground.

The GFL3000 transmits a powerful charge that is tracked by the GFL3000 receiver. By simply going in the direction of the analog needle kicks on the receiver, the exact spot of the fault can be found. Simply connect the transmitter to ground and the wire to be analyzed and turn it on. Follow the kicks with the receiver using the visual meter. It is that simple!

How it Works

The Pro3000T transmits voltage charges in rhythmic succession. The charges are applied through the leads and into the connected cable where they travel to the fault. At the fault, a certain percentage of the electrical current leaks to ground. This amount is determined by the relative resistance of the fault and subsequent path to the ground stake versus the other available paths for the current, including the normal termination point of the cable.



  • Locates Buried Ground Faults
  • Dual Power Capability (Hi/Lo)
  • Audible "On" Beeper
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Custom Molded Case
  • Rechargeable Battery (Includes Battery and Charger)
  • 12 month warranty